Top 75 Tendering Tips eBook

Top 75 Tendering Tips eBook

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning Public Sector Tenders

Have you ever wondered why other companies win Public Sector tenders yet you sometimes don’t? Is the post-tender feedback you receive from awarding authorities of little help? Do you wish that you could be party to a bit of ‘insider knowledge’ which could boost your chances of winning tenders?…if you have answered “Yes” to these questions, I can genuinely be of help to you and your business.

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About the Book

What’s covered in it?

  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaire – what selection criteria you are really only measured on, compliance with required accreditations or legislation, how to get extra marks, why it can be rejected
  • Tender document – layout, readability, how you are ‘scored’, how to get extra marks, Method Statements and compliance with specification, the use of ‘lots’, submitting the tender properly, asking for clarification
  • Selection and Award Criteria – what the Public Sector are allowed to use at each stage, and keeping your answers relevant. These are not made from some national database
  • Pricing schedules – fixed or variable price requirements, price increase applications, setting your prices, format as required in the tender
  • Finding tender opportunities – websites, electronic portals
  • Public Sector rules – when they have to advertise, what procedures they follow, who makes the decisions
  • EU ‘Brexit’ – how it may affect the EU law directive
  • EU rules – Contract Notices, permissible criteria, how timescales are calculated
  • Contract value thresholds
  • OJEU Contract Notices – finding them, what awarding authorities have to include or fall foul of the law
  • ‘Standstill’ or ‘cooling off’ period following an award decision – how it should be done
  • Asking for feedback and challenging decisions – know your rights
  • Contract extensions – length, how they affect pricing
  • Terms and Conditions – whose apply, and how they go into a signed contract
  • Presentations and interviews as part of the evaluation – how to keep them simple and say the right things
  • Samples – why they are needed and how to submit correctly
  • How an e-procurement facility can work in your favour – electronic orders, receipting, invoicing
  • Things businesses find most annoying about a tender process – how this can help you plan better

How will it help me?

In setting up my own e-based Consultancy business I got to thinking: wouldn’t businesses bidding into the public sector like a detailed Top Tips book that is different to ‘normal’ guides – one that is actually written by an ex-Council Evaluator?

Rather than present it as a face-to-face course, I have taken a different approach and put my Top 75 Tips all in one place, at a fraction of the cost – dip in and out of the book as you like! I know of no other ex-Public Sector procurement professional who has written such a specific guide based on personal experience.

  • 120 pages of useful information worded from an ex-Evaluator’s viewpoint
  • Based on many years’ feedback from suppliers like yourself
  • Gives you an insight into the world of a public sector procurement department
  • Greatly increases your chances of winning tenders
  • Practical guidance all in one place– no need for you to search copious data
  • Saves you the cost of a course (meaningful ones run into hundreds of pounds)
  • I no longer have to be impartial – this is not mere ‘government speak’
  • I have devised, evaluated, and awarded tenders for well over 20 years
  • Tips reflect first-hand the way decisions are made
  • Many Tips are more than one page long
  • Some are ‘Tips within Tips’ – so you actually get a lot more than 75 Tips
  • Lots of constructive background information on rules and regulations
  • Links provided to essential websites for finding tender opportunities

For examples, look at the Free Preview of 5 Tips

How much is it?

I am offering ‘Top 75 Tendering Tips’ to you at a special introductory offer of £25.

This works out at a mere 33p for each tip! A small investment for such a potential return.

Just ONE of my Tips could give you that extra 1% (or 5%, or 10%) score which is enough to make the difference to you either winning the tender or getting a rejection letter. I have seen numerous tenders won by a margin of 1% or less.

Purchase my eBook on Amazon here and read it via your computer, tablet, or eBook reader.

Please note that the book is only available as an electronic download. I have kept the price as low as possible for you by avoiding the normal postage, packing, printing and administration costs associated with hard copy. You can still print it out if you wish.

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Purchase the eBook and you will be eligible for a FREE £30 Discount Voucher for use with my prompt, e-based Tenders Consultancy. The voucher can be used once and is valid within one year of having purchased the eBook. Please see the Terms & Conditions for more details.

Good luck and I hope you find the eBook informative, stimulating and profitable!! Contact me if you have any queries and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Format: eBook
Length: 120 Page
eBook Price: £25.00
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